Preparing the luggage for your skiing/snowboarding holiday

How-to-pack-for-a-skiing-tripPreparing the luggage for your skiing/snowboarding holiday is Daunting and forgotten items can make it more expensive. With airline baggage restrictions and overweight fees climbing to the ridiculous level n some cases here is our guide to help pack smart:

For skiing/snowboarding you will need jacket and pants- it is important that your jacket and pants can keep the snow, water, moisture, wind outside, so that you are comfortable on the inside. Onesy, Bibs and braces or Jacket and Pants combo. Snow down your pants isn’t so nice. Thermal underwear and a fleece is recommended for under the jacket, as they are specifically designed to work together- they keep you warm and dry and still are lightweight and comfortable to move in.

The socks for skiing/snowboarding should be longer han you boot is high. A good pair of ski socks can cost around up to 25€ in ski resorts so shop around before you travel.

Gloves and goggles are probably the most important items. Good vision and warm dry hands are essential to have a good time on the mountain so it’s wise to invest a good portion of your equipment budget here.

Helmets and Armour. Look for a helmet that will keep you warm enough so that you will not need a hat. In case you do- check if the hat is comfortable to wear with your helmet. There should be no (gorby) gap between the helmet and the goggles. Some Goggles are specially designed to be helmet friendly. Wrist guards and impact shorts are recommended for beginner snow boarders where as skiers are just recommended to wear a helmet.

Sun block is really important and a good lip balm with a high SPF will stop you looking like Edmund Hillary by the 3rd day. The sun is twice as strong up in the mountains and your face can burn quickly. Wind chill and blizzard conditions can be brutal to exposed skin so don’t forget to moisturise and drink lots of water. Extra protection from the cold is advised so don’t forget your mask or bandanna to shield your face. Regular weather reports and dressing for the weather helps but it can change in an instant so be prepared.

Backpack is a useful thing to have- you can keep spare gloves, fleece, tools, water, thermos with tea and packed lunch- things that will make your days more comfortable and save you money.

If you have bought your own gear, packing as much of your clothes and bulky gear into your ski/board bag can eliminate the need for extra hold luggage. Most airlines charge a flat rate for skiing equipment so take advantage of the high weight allowance and cram it full. Your back pack can go as hand luggage after all.

Bon Voyage!