Hi all! I’ve spent the last couple of months refreshing the chalets Piste and Peaks has to offer. Now instead of Chalet Cesa da Mont I have taken on a new chalet called Chalet Marmolada, formerly Galadriel but that was too… Elvish for me (or is it elfish i can never remember). In Bansko, Bulgaria…

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A word from the Director

• What made you come to Italy/Europe? • Why did you leave Australia? Two questions that I’m asked almost weekly. Usually I reply with something like: “Have you looked out your window lately” or “I love mountains” because the elongated version is somewhat of a struggle to explain at times. In 2001 I left Australia…

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Skiing in March? Is there still snow?

 Well, not only there is snow, but there are many reasons you should plan your skiing/snowboarding holiday in March: -Snow is still very good, sometimes even better then January and February. -It is warmer, more sunshine, making you feel happier. -Days are longer, so you can do more for a day -You can get better…

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Preparing the luggage for your skiing/snowboarding holiday

Preparing the luggage for your skiing/snowboarding holiday is Daunting and forgotten items can make it more expensive. With airline baggage restrictions and overweight fees climbing to the ridiculous level n some cases here is our guide to help pack smart: For skiing/snowboarding you will need jacket and pants- it is important that your jacket and…

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Hi Friends!

Hi Friends, Welcome to our completely new website. We built it for you. See you soon, Marty

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